About Polyhedral

POLYHEDRAL is an RPG podcast created and produced by Gordon McAlpin. A “pilot campaign” exclusive to McAlpin’s Patreon backers will launch on October 23, 2018, starting with a playthrough of the D&D 5e adventure, Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, and featuring players Phil Kahn (The Guilded Age), Bri Castellini (Ace and Anxious, Sam & Pat Are Depressed), and others.

Other campaigns will be publicly available and feature a rotating cast of players (and possibly guest DMs!). $1+ Patreon backers get access to a private chat room for both Multiplex 10 and Polyhedral. $3+ backers can listen to the episodes LIVE as they’re being record.

Gordon McAlpin has an MFA in Design (Interactive Design) from the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities. He works as a freelance writer, illustrator, and animator, but he is best known for creating the comic strip Multiplex and its animated web series spin-off, Multiplex 10. He lives in Somerville, MA, with his fiancée Karyn and their two cats, Dipper and Mabel.